ZĪLE is a Latvian fashion brand striving for a more sustainable future through the concept of upcycling. The label’s main resource materials are denim trousers, men’s shirts and fantasy.

At the core of the brand is the idea that what people wear is a symbol of their character, identity and values, and that the global environmental trend is an important part of current values. That is why ZĪLE reimagines and reworks classical garments to create a sustainable and modern wardrobe.

Every piece of clothing that ZĪLE upcycles, is one of a kind and unique. ZĪLE uses second hand clothing that is either bought in vintage shops or donated by our collaboration partner, charity shop OTRA ELPA.

Please note that ZĪLE doesn't have standard sizes for the upcycled pieces, the approximately right size has been estimated, but please follow measurements to find the best fit for each item. Also, we like oversized items.

We have named the upcycled garments after some of our favourite characters from various tv-series and movies.